Don’t Let Yourself be an Oversight

via Daily Prompt: Oversight

Daily prompts make me want to be inspirational. Which means, in turn, they are doing their job by prompting and inspiring me to write.

We are nearing the end of January. The first month in 2017 and with resolutions weighing heavy on all of our minds I begin to feel apprehensive about my accomplishments and failures. I attempted the Whole30 program once again. I made it three weeks and started to fall off the bandwagon. If you don’t know what the Whole30 is, it basically consists of cutting out dairy, alcohol, grains, legumes, and added sugars to detox and form you into reaching “food freedom” and a healthier lifestyle. I love the idea…my sugar dragon does not.

Though 99% of the dinners that I have made in past month have been completely compliant I have had a snack attack (or two) that has had me grabbing for a piece of chocolate. After some time where I was just downright disappointed in myself, I realized that it was okay. You can have a bite of chocolate as long as you don’t make a habit out of it. Which is what I tend to do. Indulge within reason. I have to continuously remind myself of this.

With this being said I am transitioning out of my Whole30 journey and into a 90/10 lifestyle change. I think this will suit me better. I am nearing the highest weight that I was a few years ago and I am so determined to not set a new record. I want to feel good about myself and my body but will not achieve this goal through snacking on the couch and feeling sorry about myself.

Being an emotional eater with a strong sweet tooth can get in the way of this. However, I need to dedicate more of my life to conscious eating and that 90/10 habitual lifestyle to accomplish the body dreams.

The whole point of this rambling session is to say that whatever your healthy new year intentions are, stick to them! It is a struggle but your mind, body, and soul deserve the very best.

Though it can be easy to wrap yourself up in your family’s needs, work, school or whatever it is that is taking up your time. Don’t let yourself be an oversight.


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