Invitation to be Creative

via Daily Prompt: Invitation

Some days these one-word prompts enlighten me instantly, others I pass by because I have no clue what to say. My intention today is to try harder, dig deeper into the creative vortex I don’t visit nearly enough.

To some, creativity comes naturally. I am so jealous of those people. They can just pick up a paint brush or a pencil and wonderful creations happen. I envy that. I think too much, analyze every bit of what I am saying or doing. Wondering if it comes across well enough.

I do not allow myself the freedom to be unapologetically myself without analyzing if people will like what I look like or what I have to say. Am I bringing anything wonderful to the table? My insecurities would say probably not. This attitude will get me nowhere.

As I become older I become brave. To write these thoughts for people, such as yourself, to read. To lay my perceptions out in the open and to be okay with if people like it or not. It starts becoming more about releasing that creativity inside of me then what the outcome will be once I do so.

So with this prompt we have been given today, remind yourself that it is an invitation to be creative. And to unapologetically be yourself.


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