My 2017 Book Resolution & Reading Challenges

As I have harped on this before, we all have the same “lose weight get fit!” resolution as we start out the New Year. While I think wanting to improve physical health is extremely important, I am not about to let my mind get a pass!

For the past couple days, my friend Mallory and I have pondered books and she came up with the brilliant idea to create a book club amongst our girlfriends. You know, drink wine and chat about the most recent chapter kind of stuff. I am game.

This got me thinking. I only really read one genre! I can’t preach expanding our minds if I am not doing it myself.

I am a huge fan of true crime podcasts and psychological mysteries, things that leave me guessing. (I will most likely write a post about my most recent audiobook endeavors). I have dipped my toes into self-help books, celebrity autobiographies, and romance novels. All of which I lose interest in before the end. I, however, have read the Twilight series, Fifty Shades and Hunger Games as teen novels of the sorts seem to be a guilty pleasure.

Regardless, let’s get to the point. I want to broaden my horizons. So I took to my peers and the internet to find the latest reading challenges.

2017 POPSUGAR Reading Challenge

The Daily Positive Book Challenge

POPSUGAR and the Daily Positive released two pretty good reading challenges that I found on Pinterest. Most challenges you find are going to be fairly similar, though each one may have a couple diamond in the rough options that separate them from the rest. POPSUGAR’s list features unique challenges such as “a book with a red spine” and “a steampunk novel” which made me smirk as I read it. Their list also includes an audiobook, which is 90% of my book indulging so that should be no problem! The Daily Positive lists its own interesting options such as “a play” and a book about finances which I thought were both really creative ideas. I did find a couple more challenges that were off the beaten path as well.

Gilmore Girls Revival Reading Challenge

2017 Books Becoming Movies

If you are into more pop culture type genres these might be for you. Of course, once I found Bustle’s Gilmore Girls Challenge I HAD to put it in the blog. This one only specifies a handful of books from the revival series (if you haven’t seen it yet you best be logging into Netflix right this second). However, I bet there is a list out there of all the books Rory and Lorelei mention throughout the whole seven seasons. Which is a mountain I may never climb, but it’s cool to think about! I also listed a blog post I found of books that are coming out in theaters in 2017. I definitely prefer to read the book before seeing the movie because it makes it that much more authentic so it is neat to see a prepared list if you’re up for the challenge this year.

Challenge or not I plan to indulge myself in books this year. These just give me a better outline to veer away from the genre I have become to know so well. If there are any amazing challenges out there that I am missing please let me know!

Happy Reading!


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