New Year – New Goals

2017 has officially arrived and you know what the means! Resolutions galore!

Of course, this is when I tell you what mine are in hopes that you will be interested in my life goals and all that other junk.

Number one. The big one. My Optimus Prime of New Year’s resolutions. I want to write more!  I have had the dream to become a blogger for years, and every time I try I lose my dedication or get discouraged by lack of views. 2017 is the end of that negativity! I hope to not only build my profile but build a community of followers (everyone wants followers…let’s not lie to ourselves).

Number two. Because I am unoriginal and basic. Get healthy and lose the pudge. Pretty much every single person’s resolution. I am gonna make it stick this time! Right? Either way I am on my second attempt at the Whole30 program and its going…well let’s just say its going. More information to follow on how I am struggling and succeeding in the “dieting” world.

Number three. I will complete my college degree! No, not necessarily in 2017. But I have been accepted to return to school this summer. Which for some reason is scaring the crap out of me! Leaps of faith get you where you need to be, or that’s what they tell me at least.

Number four. Last but certainly not least. Progress in life and in business adventures. Super vague, I know. However, I am just ready for some change. Ready to get ahead and accomplish the things I have listed above. And to work on building a business as well. If you aren’t dying from curiosity yet please click on this link so see what I am talking about (

Building a business will take the other goals above which ties everything into a nice little bow of resolutions.

Overall, I am just like everyone else. I want to lose weight and be a better me. I want to follow my dreams and succeed at what I love. These desires are what make us human and a New Year revitalizes that hope within us all. So from me to you. Don’t lose that hope as the months go on. Treat every day like its the New Year and follow those resolution with everything you have. You can do it, we can do it. 

Happy New Year and Stay Tuned!




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