Culture: More than a Color.

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via Daily Prompt: Culture

White, American Female. That is my appearance, not my culture.

Nowadays people identify culture as the color of a person’s skin. Race being such a controversial topic in our society some have an inability to look past pigmentation.

However, culture is so much more than a color. It is traditions, rituals, gatherings and an overall connection with one another. It is was makes us beautifully interesting.

Growing up as a white, American female I felt that I did not have a culture. I did not know my heritage very well and had only heard one or two stories about my ancestors. My father’s side being from England came over on the Mayflower, landed in Massachusetts and stayed there. My mother’s side was just described as very Polish, with several “Polark” jokes I didn’t understand.

As I have grown older and into my mid 20’s my curiosity begins to peak. My mind wanders towards creating my own family. And with the idea of children of my own, I become inspired to learn more about where I have come from. So they know as well.

With a mixture of my heritage, their father’s and the revival of a few cultural traditions my future children will know who they are and where they come from.

They will know that culture is so much more than a color.


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