Why Gilmore Girls is Still a Thing.

Gilmore Girls is one of those shows that never dies. Though they may have stopped airing episodes nine years ago the show lives on in our hearts and our Netflix queues.


This post is written by a Gilmore obsessed, 20 something inspired woman. A fact that I am far from ashamed of. There is just something about still adoring a show that aired 16 years ago. Watching it from beginning to end four times in its time on Netflix. And being completely involved with the characters that surround Stars Hollow. Let’s just say it is the female equivalent of a Marvel obsession. (Though I know I will get a lot of hate from the Marvel-loving, feminists out there)

This may sound cheesy but to me, Gilmore Girls is no longer just a show. It has formed into a comfort blanket if you will. Something that plays in the background as I did homework and housework. A shoulder to cry on when I was feeling upset and needed to escape from my world and into another. It was and still is my safe haven.

I don’t believe that this should just be a 90’s baby thing either. I understand that all of our childhood memories are resurfacing through toys and movies. However, Gilmore Girls is more than that. It is a lesson, so to speak. A show that I will show my future daughter some day and strive to have even a minuscule part of the relationship Lorelai and Rory share. It will be a sort of reference for how to handle the obstacles in our daily lives. The main recommendations being with a lot of coffee and pop culture references, I assume.

As someone who was not raised with a loving bond with my mother and lost her mother before the chance to create that connection, I do not feel sad seeing the mother-daughter relationship that Lorelai and Rory share. I feel inspired. To be the women they are and to reach towards that goal in the future.

However, my love for this show does not end with this mother-daughter duo. I live in a small town. If you haven’t noticed by my name, it is the “Other Norway”. It is tiny and quirky and you run into at least two people you know every day. I like to think it is my version of Stars Hollow.

Gilmore Girls teaches us that the world is made up of all different kinds of characters and possible relationships. To never shy away from someone because they may be different from you. To embrace the silliness in people and love everyone for who they are. They teach us unity. And I think that in this world we live in today, in 2016, we need that kind of example to inspire us.

So with the revival only TWO days away I reflect and I get emotional. (And believe me when I say that I do not cry over movies, shows or books…ever). Because the love I have for this show spans miles. I am so excited and proud that is making a splash in our worlds once again. Especially when we need it most.



9 thoughts on “Why Gilmore Girls is Still a Thing.

      • I had to wait till I came home from work – only just finished Winter, I cried the second it started!
        Loving it…. its perfection except I miss Richard/Edward.
        Its nearly gone 10:30 already I’m wondering if I should start Spring tonight or wait till tomorrow. I think I want to spread them out 💗 thank god for social media, my man thinks I’m carrying on like a moron over a show.


      • Haha mine does too! I mean I think he finally accepted how important this show is to me! Its a lifestyle, a religion!

        They honor Ed Hermann so beautifully throughout the whole show! I couldn’t hold back tears each time they showed a memory of him. It was amazing.

        I binged it all in one day, no risk of spoilers that way haha.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Me finally done. So many highlights but my fav is Emily she really came full circle and that phone call bet her and Lorelei about the real Richard story😢 and Jess is the one guy who always got Rory, love the book idea I would so read that book. I think it ends perfectly. As much as I would like more I don’t think they should make more – this is the right ending. Anything else would make it mundane and superfluous. When do you think it would be okay to watch them again do you think…


      • I most definitely went to the library and rented out the book! I haven’t had much time to start reading it yet, but I hope its as good as it seems!

        I am most definitely #teamjess and have my own thoughts on who could have “helped” Rory with the ending haha. Secretly hoping Jess!

        Part of me feels like they can’t just end it like that. But in a way you are right, they could continue but then it might ruin the whole point of Gilmore Girls in the first place.

        I think the way it ended was just a representation of life going on, repeating itself. At first I was so mad that it ended that way but now I am feeling the same as you are. Maybe it was just the right ending.

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  1. Just hope it wasn’t the Wookie that got her preggers or that Paul. Having it be some random would be such a let down for the character of Rory.
    I’m watching Winter again right now – I just can’t stop. Can’t stop won’t stop.


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