Turkey Anticipation

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Daily Prompt: Anticipation

A heart begins to flutter, accelerating with every passing moment. The knots in my stomach begin to wrench tighter and tighter as I sit here thinking about what is to come. Heat rising in my cheeks, revealing to the world my inner apprehension.

I watch the clock at the corner of my screen, disappointment as it slowly ticks by. How are the minutes and seconds so much longer than before?

I calm myself with the thoughts of freedom and the events to come. Knowing that when the clock strikes 4:30 I will be out the door. In my car. And on my way home. Not only to greet relaxation and relief but continue that fluttering heart in my own sanctuary.

Tomorrow. Tomorrow is when the wrenching will end. As my twisting stomach is replaced with cranberry sauce and stuffing. The warm sensations replacing the fluttering in my heart as I am surrounded by loved ones.

Thanksgiving will be here. And my anticipation will be relieved.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Enjoy your delicious dinners and family time!


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