More on Maura: My Theory

Hey All!

In my last post, I gave a brief introduction into how I stumbled upon the case involving the disappearance of a young woman by the name of Maura Murray. If you are unfamiliar with the case I recommend that you listen to this podcast, “Missing Maura Murray” by two men, Lance and Tim. Or read “True Crime Addict” by James Renner. Though this case is still unsolved these men give you details into the disappearance of Maura and their takes on what might have happened to her. In short summary, Maura was a young college student whose car went off the road in the white mountains of New Hampshire and was never seen again. Given all the details in Lance and Tim’s wonderful podcast, I have come up with three possible theories.

  1. Attempted/Accomplished Suicide
    • As I delve more into this case and as more information becomes public I start to be slightly unsure of this option. First of all, the reason for this being a theory is mainly due to the way Maura leaves her dorm. She is very upset in the days prior to her disappearance and seems to pack up her belongings inside her dorm room. She then takes some essential belongings with her and drives into New Hampshire. This has been said to be a sign of suicidal tendencies due to the fact that some people who have the intent of suicide will pack up their belongings to make it easier for the loved ones that they have left behind.
    • Also, there has been one witness report who exclaims that she seemed to accelerate into the tree that she supposedly hit. Which would go with the theory that she was attempting to harm her self.
    • There is also evidence that she had both sleeping pills and alcohol at her disposal which could be a mixture a young girl would attempt to use to permanently take whatever pain she was feeling, away.
    • And lastly, the biggest mystery of them all. The rag in the tailpipe. Quite honestly, I have had a relative who has tried using carbon monoxide poisoning as an attempt of suicide. Thankfully, this relative was found in time and is alive and well. However, that exact act makes me think that it could have been a possible attempt. Driving around with a rag in the tailpipe, driving with reckless intent while drinking alcohol. All seem like plausible suicidal actions.
  2. Out with the Old, in with the New
    • At this point in time, this theory seems a little too farfetched for my taste. If Maura were to decide she wanted to live a different life she could easily just run away without this elaborate car crash plan.
    • Though I won’t say that is completely impossible that she may have been running away and the car crash was a legitimate accident in her scheme.
    • Quite honestly, if this were the case then I believe Fred would have known about it given how close they were, and at some points of the podcast I believed this to be a plausible explanation. I have veered so far from this path, however, that I don’t even have much to back this theory up at the moment.
  3. Not So Helpful, Passerby
    • As the “Missing Maura Murray” podcast progresses this is the theory that I am leaning the most towards. And I will give you a brief overview as to how I feel this is a stronger possibility.

My Theory

Maura has packed all of her items for an overnight stay either with a friend or in a hotel near the white mountains that she adored so fondly. Something had happened in her life prior to this event, whether it be family stressors or altercations at school and she just needs some time to herself. Being a 20 something female myself I can definitely relate to having the need to “find yourself”. So she grabs the necessary things for an overnight stay. Some extra clothes, and all the female toiletries needed. She picks up some alcohol thinking that drinking her problems away is a good relief option. She gets into her car and heads to her destination. It is, of course, a cold possibly snowy night in New England. Again, as a person who lives in New England I can understand the dangers of driving the wintery backroads, especially in an old car. She either hits a patch of ice or maybe sees an animal on the road and tries to avoid it. Either way, she gets spun around and goes off the road. A neighborhood man sees the spin out and approaches her offering his help. She says she has already called AAA and does not need police or medical attention. Now, of course, this is all my current personal theories on what happened that night. I believe that another person came to her aid after the other man goes back into his house to alert the authorities. Offers her a nearby place to stay out of the New England cold while she waits for AAA to get there. From my experience, they are sometimes not the most timely company and sitting in a damaged car in the winter probably isn’t the warmest option. She takes this person’s offer assuming it to be a kind, innocent gesture. She locks her car doors and leaves her belongings inside believing that she will be nearby and return promptly once help has arrived. In conclusion, this passerby may not have had the nicest intentions in mind. I cannot say for certain what happened after she left this crash sight. However, with this theory, foul play is implied.

Of course, this is my own idea of what I believe happened that night. This is vaguely factual and not as detailed as some would probably like. This is just a generalized interpretation from what I have heard on the Missing Maura Murray podcast. I do not assume any particular suspects nor do I have any actual knowledge if there was a crime or not. Just my opinion, just my theory. If you would like to share your theories with me that is more than welcome. Of course, criticism and hateful comments towards myself, Lance, Tim, James Renner, or any family members of Maura, along with any people involved in the night of her disappearance or criticism of each other is not welcome.

As always, thank you for reading!


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