A Message to You: Aromatic Memories


via Daily Prompt: Aromatic

Aromas stay with us, in our hearts and souls.

They remind us of people and places. Some sweet and some sour. Aromatic nonetheless.

The scent of these memories keep them alive in our minds. A single sniff can transport us back in time.

We smile, we cry and our heart beats faster all because of a smell in the air.

Aromas are powerful. Beautiful. Important. They keep us human.

Food imparticular has a way of carrying delicious scents that we keep in our memory banks. And with Thanksgiving right around the corner our senses starts to perk at the thought of the aromas that this season brings.

Please, rejoice and enjoy this time with your families and sniff around as much as you can. Remember those who have passed and carry them with you as you create more aromatic memories.


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