More on Maura

I love true crime. There is something that is so intriguing about the mystery of how people can just disappear off of this Earth. I am in no way saying that I enjoy that this happens. It is saddening that humans are killed or harmed by other humans. And maybe that is what intrigues me so much. How someone can do such things or just vanish the way that some do. The unknown. That is what gets me.

I go through phases where true crime stories take over my mind and my television. Now that has morphed into newer media outlets. Podcasts, to be exact. I am obsessed with podcasts! With commuting an hour to work each morning and night, the radio stations have become an annoyance. I have researched podcasts, thus my true crime obsession has risen once again. I recently finished the ever popular Serial, which I will save for another time. At this moment, there is only one person I have on my mind.

Her name is Maura Murray.

I stumbled upon a podcast by the name of Missing Maura Murray. I read the description, pressed the follow button and began my journey. These two men, Tim and Lance, go through exactly what we all are wondering and want to know. You quickly feel like you are sitting in the room with them, just a group of friends discussing the “what ifs” of a very interesting disappearance. As they have said in several episodes, people become intrigued with certain cases because there is a connection that lies within the story. Whether it be that you are the same age or you went to the same school. For myself, it is because I also live in New England. I also have family in Massachusetts, and I have also like many New Englanders, visited those white mountains.

I will put out there that I have not caught up on this series. I am on Episode 12. And my view on what happened is completely undecided. In my opinion, there are three theories.

  1. Attempted/Accomplished Suicide. 
  2. Not So Helpful Passerby.
  3. Out with the Old, in with the New.

I will touch base on these on my next blog post and tell you which one I am leaning towards. I would love to collaborate and consider all options with others who are interested in this story, like myself.

Again, this is my first ever true crime blog post and I am new to this whole posting my thoughts on media thing. This has been something that I have been interested in quite some time and would love to discuss with like minded individuals.

If you have made it this far, thank you so much for reading! Stay Tuned for more!


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